Adorable Duo at W+K

I think that everyone's eyes need to be opened to the adorable fashion in the W+K building. Our very own Katie and Devon are rocking outfits today and happen to look even cuter side by side.

Katie(left): super cute red flats

Devon(right): adorable espadrille wedges

Katie: simple gold, thick bangles.

Devon: Teal bangles with matching gold/teal earrings.


the orange-red pattern in Katie's scarf combined with Devon's top pull both outfits together.

Nice job 6th floor, looking gorgeous today.



first thursday

happy first thursday!

here is my outfit today. im enjoying the more simple outfits these days...

free people necklace.

Element shirt with cute detail on back.

jeans from urban outfitters, love the summery length! shoes from aunt gewn(leather low profile flip flops)

enjoy your week!




last night was one of those nights where it hits 7:45 and you think you should be going to bed. I refused! I do not want to get soo old when I am soo young! I decided to go get ice cream(with my sister-in-law because my husband works soooo hard)

We leave to go and she's like, "do you mind if we stop at Goodwill?" of course not! I love thrift shopping, but haven't been too into it lately because I have had no luck.


I had the best luck last night and I wanted to show you what I found....

Everything. Dan wanted to be in the pic.

The amazing coral framed mirror for 1.99 and the almost chevron, rust, frame (i will use for a poloroid) for .99 cents!

an owl! I am not a trinket girl, but this was so cute! Especially paired with the two frames.

My fave...this super cute industrial looking clock. $7.99!

All of this cost under $11. :)

Have a great day everyone.



Gillian Zinser

my new fashion icon! actually i never had one before...but this girl dresses so cute, i love her style.
here are some cute pics...

Thanks to another blog i ran into recently, i saw this girls' style and loved it too!!


spring, come on!

snow in feb? i hope not! that is why i got dressed in this cheery little outfit today. trying to convince the weather to change. hmm..it is so random that i was born and raised in portland, oregon. i am not proud of our weather, our "habits", or the new portlandia. i think what has kept me here is the amazing relationships that i have found over the years. there are some incredible people in this city!

i think i have a lot to say because i have been out for the last few days with strep. horrible! i dont wish it on anyone. but i am terribly thankful for the husband, my sister in law, my brother, and my mom for helping take care of me. :) love!!

photo credits: michael-thanks bro!
Sweater: Urban Outfitters|3 years ago|
dress: h&m | i think $25
belt: anthro |$35?
tights: nordstrom rack
boots: keen-work day!

of course i wore a jacket because lets face it, its cold!

i hope your day is filled with smiles and happiness.




i was recently introduced to this cute blog. I cannot tell you how much it has inspired me. i already love this girl to death. The crazy thing is, is she is from Texas. To be honest, I had a waaay different view of Texas before seeing this girl's style. (nothing personal to the Texans!)

Anyways, her blog can be found here. I have posted a few of my favorites.

this one is awesome for a weekend outfit!
I love the leggings/tights underneath her jeans with the high boots.

The denim shirt she has on is breathtaking!

this one is my absolute fav. She is total rocker chick and it is adorable!

i hope you like it! And I hope your weekend is fabulous!



happy heart

today is not about what i am wearing. it is about the biggest blessing ever given to me in my life...this guy, danny.
i have been married to him 11 months and 1 day
and i could not be more grateful for him. he is sweet, gentle, loving, accepting, strong, hilarious, handsome, amazing at leading, a hard worker, and keeps me steady. not to mention he is a really good surfer and can do some sweet tricks on a skateboard. i love him!