spring, come on!

snow in feb? i hope not! that is why i got dressed in this cheery little outfit today. trying to convince the weather to change. hmm..it is so random that i was born and raised in portland, oregon. i am not proud of our weather, our "habits", or the new portlandia. i think what has kept me here is the amazing relationships that i have found over the years. there are some incredible people in this city!

i think i have a lot to say because i have been out for the last few days with strep. horrible! i dont wish it on anyone. but i am terribly thankful for the husband, my sister in law, my brother, and my mom for helping take care of me. :) love!!

photo credits: michael-thanks bro!
Sweater: Urban Outfitters|3 years ago|
dress: h&m | i think $25
belt: anthro |$35?
tights: nordstrom rack
boots: keen-work day!

of course i wore a jacket because lets face it, its cold!

i hope your day is filled with smiles and happiness.


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