last night was one of those nights where it hits 7:45 and you think you should be going to bed. I refused! I do not want to get soo old when I am soo young! I decided to go get ice cream(with my sister-in-law because my husband works soooo hard)

We leave to go and she's like, "do you mind if we stop at Goodwill?" of course not! I love thrift shopping, but haven't been too into it lately because I have had no luck.


I had the best luck last night and I wanted to show you what I found....

Everything. Dan wanted to be in the pic.

The amazing coral framed mirror for 1.99 and the almost chevron, rust, frame (i will use for a poloroid) for .99 cents!

an owl! I am not a trinket girl, but this was so cute! Especially paired with the two frames.

My fave...this super cute industrial looking clock. $7.99!

All of this cost under $11. :)

Have a great day everyone.


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  1. i love thrifty adventures - glad you scored some good finds!