fill me up

i was talking to a close friend this morning and she mentioned that she is feeling an "urge to shop" right now. i was totally able to relate because i have felt that same way at times. i started wondering why we feel like that.

my friend mentioned that it feels like she has an empty hole that isn't being filled and it hurts a little bit.
i think all of us have an empty void that needs to be filled. some people try and fill it with shopping, some with food, exercising, fulfillment in their job, over achievement, etc. but those things wont ever completely fill it. we will always feel the emptiness creeping back into our hearts.

Acts 2:28 You have made known to me the paths of life; You will fill me with joy in your presence

i think this verse goes along perfectly with this issue. we should recognize that Jesus can fill that void. He can fill us with joy by simply being in His presence.
so, instead of dwelling on shopping or whatever is taking up our minds, dwell on Jesus and allow Him to fill that hole with joy!

anyways, here is an idea for an outfit NOT wearing tights or leggings...

heather grey sweater | Aritzia $ 19.99 (you can find these everywhere)
long blue tank | recycled fashion $8? i think (good for layering, staple item)
blue knit scarf | homemade by a sweet friend
Dark Jeans | Joe's from Nordstrom rack last winter $49.99 ( don't buy designer jeans full price!)
boots | free

This outfit is a little spendy because of the jeans. I think that if you can it is worth it to buy one nice pair of dark jeans for the winter. but like i said, never buy them full price! nordstrom rack is a great place to go. consignment shops are even better!

love ya!

p.s. thank you anonymous friend for your inspiration today! :)

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  1. hey!! I love your blog! I'm kind of a blogging fanatic...oops! :) see you tomorrow night?