dont let strangers call you fat...

yesterday i was walking on the street and a man from LA fitness said, "we can help you lose that", referring to the weight i was apparently gaining from my skinnidip fro-yo. i couldn't believe he said that.
im not letting it bug me.

jean dress | anthro $39.99
dark grey tights | nordstrom rack $2.99
sweater | free from model shoot last fall
earrings | first thursday
boots | free--keen

please remember that the most important beauty is inward, not outward. it does not matter how you look to others but how you treat others. :)

love ya!


  1. i'm glad you're not letting that mans comment get to you - you are tiny and beautiful inside and out!
    beauty is in the eye of the beholder
    cute outfit!

  2. You keep posting free keens! I want some! Boots seem to be the most expensive thing. Do you know where to get cheap ones?

  3. you are so sweet kassi..:) thank you.

    jamie..i only get free ones because i work for the vp of product, and i am sample size. i will let you know when we have a warehouse sale!