things i love

hi! i have never been a girly girl in regard to "products" so it has always frustrated me to look at magazines and see all of the choices of products out there to try. it is way too overwhelming!

so, i wanted to write about a few things that i love and encourage everyone to keep it simple! your skin and body don't need all of the extra things..

this is my absolute favorite lip gloss. it comes with spf 15 and it adds a very simple and calm shine to your lips

i use this product every single day. it is like putting beet juice on your cheeks. i have had the same bottle for a year now and it is just finishing up. this keeps my makeup to a minimum!

if you want some shine to your hair after blow drying and dont want to use a straightener to further damage your hair..add this shiny stuff. it is awesome and you only need a tiny bit. it smells great too!

i almost did not want to write about this because it is the best kept secret! this is my #1 product. i will die wearing this lotion. enough said.

i hope you enjoy this post! :)


  1. katie! this all looks so yummy...beet juice..yes, please! where did you get the lip stuff and the lotion? i'm out of both!! xoxo

  2. Katie Girl, I'm on my way to being your #1 commenter. ;) Haha. Right there with ya on the After Party. But the real reason for the comment is remember when I tried that beet juice stuff with you at Sephora and turned into Sacajawea!? Oh man, cracking up at the memory.

  3. miriam--whole foods! :)
    amy! i know!! i think about that almost everytime i put it on...which is everyday! hahah. That was so much fun. it would be awesome to be around you more. :( i miss you!
    oh, and thanks for the blog love. :)

    heart ya

  4. Might have to try that lotion and lip gloss.. they sound divine!