stripes and pillows

i am in love with pillows lately! here is a little peak of my couch...

on another note...here is my outfit for today.
shirt-anthro (pj section 2 years ago)
vest-anthro(sale 2 years ago)
jeans-Joes from Nordstrom rack-under$60!
boots-grey cowboy boots-gift from sister

Have a lovely day!
oh, and if you need someone to help you organize your closet...im your girl!

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  1. Katie!! You're so pretty and fashionable :) I looove your pillows! I was just looking at a pottery barn catalog and loving all their patterened pillows this spring! Mine are boring plain colors..
    I'm following your blog now :) I have one but am horrible about updating. I just started doing it a tad more.