Rain boots!

i have the best news today. this weekend i went to good old buffalo exchange to sell some old jeans(bought by an ex-bf). as i was selling, i see that someone had just sold some Hunter boots they were behind the counter...grey and perfection!

they fit! and they were priced at $16, which is a steal...but i was able to trade them and get money back for the jeans i sold.

i have been wanting these boots forever and could never justify spending $100 for them...i guess it was my lucky day.

Shirt/Dress | crossroads trading | TRADE
sweater | Swell (2 years old) | $30
leggings/pants | Anthropologie Paso Fino Crops -dan said i could...they went on sale! | $39.95
Hunter boots| buffalo exchange | TRADE

love ya!


  1. how fun - score on the boots!

    i've been dying for those lounge pants from anthro... i was so excited when they went on sale and then so sad when i realized i still couldn't get them. drat!

    i have to admit i'm a teeny jealous you have them ;)

    hope all is well

  2. cute Katie... I live in my hunter boots (especially on days like today!!) Love you and lets do dinner with all 4 (five) of us soon!