too tired for monday!


today i did not want to show you my outfit. sorry.

but, i was at target with my mom and sister yesterday (we found my mom the cutest outfit) and i saw these leggings. they are adorable! i love the detail. i did not buy them because i already have a pair of black leggings(and we are trying to save money). if you don't have any, these ones are great! click on my title to buy. :)

love ya!

Product Image Xhilaration® Juniors Legging w/ Military Tabs - Black


  1. See, I think these are cute--for young 20's. I feel like if I wore these I would look like I was trying too hard. What is your opinion?

  2. megs,
    i agree but disagree. they are so cute! and i think that anyone can pull them off. mom got a cute pair with a long sweater and she looks adorable!
    and arent you young 20s?

  3. I also feel these are young and hard to pull off the older you get!