yesterday dan and i got to spend some awesome time with my parents at their house and my bro and his wife were there too, it was so fun and relaxing.

sipping wine and chatting after a long day with the ones you love!

here is my outfit: (dont my sassy face-it was for danny)

sweater | anthro (2 years ago!)
shirt| anthro lounge $ 40?
jeans| nordstrom rack
scarf | world market
boots| keen

i am having fun resisting my urge to shop! it has been great!! i ran into a few of you who read my blog this last week and heard that it makes it hard not to shop when you read a blog. well, i hope that my challenge to myself with help you challenge yourself to incorporate your creativity with the outfits you already have :)

love ya!


  1. One of my fav outfits on you Katie. Good job resisting the urge to shop. I am with you sister!

  2. love this outfit. love you. think you're hilare. think my abbreves are terrible. haha. abbreves.

  3. Have you heard of those parties where women bring their clothes and swap them? I think they are called naked lady parties or something? I haven't been to one, but we should have one and you could bring your gladiators and I could run in and steal them and then leave the party before you could catch me.

  4. haha! love it! I may have a naked lady party soon! :) just in time for the holidays?