7:30am and dark

i cant believe how dark it is this morning! today i am so thankful for my husband because he brought me coffee in bed to help me get up. and today we are celebrating 7 months of being married, im so thankful!

my outfit today is very simple.

|basic black dress with ruffles from target| $19.99
|long cozy sweater from anthro-2 years ago| ?
|belt from anthro again from 2 years ago when i didnt have bills to pay| ?
|keen boots :)| free

today i decided to accessorize with my hair. keepin it simple.

i wanted to say that i am thinking about not purchasing anything and seeing what i can come up with from my closet only. maybe setting a time limit on it! i know that would make dan happy. :) there are so many ways to switch up your wardrobe, like finding a local consignment shop! there is one on my street, hawthorne, that i absolutely love. when i get bored, i just take a few items from my closet and either get store credit or cash.
the only place i am totally ok with going all out at is anthro! maybe i will get a seasonal job there...

love ya!


  1. is that the screen door sweater from anthro? i think i have the same one in beige... i wear it all the time.
    a year ago i decided to only shop used or handmade for a whole year... i've had to get a lot more creative with my outfits but it's fun! however, i did accept a lot of gifts/gift cards from anthro (i've been an anthro addict for over ten years... it's NOT good).
    anyway, you can do it... it's fun - i look forward to seeing the different outfits you come up with :)

    love the boots by the way

  2. it is by the brand "moth"...is that the one you are talking about? it is super comfy!!
    that is so awesome that you did that, i am excited to do it.

    thanks for the encouragement! you are so sweet :)

    have a great day!

  3. I really like this look Katie. So you can tie in the brown belt and brown shoes with the black dress. Does that always work? Love your hair too.
    I need help finding some brown boots for this fall. Any ideas? chan

  4. thanks girl. i think that its weird to be too matchy matchy...unless you want to look like a nordstrom girl. :) whatever works best for you!

    there are some really cute knock offs at Target. i will do a post on them!!